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Loyalists will also suffer consequences of what Obama is doing

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To The Daily Sun,

After reading some of the letters in the Laconia Daily Sun, I wondered, at what point do loyalists give up on supporting the ones who provide the lies du jour?
Every day we are being informed that the current administration knowingly deceived the citizens. We're informed that information was manipulated to sway voters into believing something good happened when, in truth, just the opposite occurred. Promises were made that the authors of those promises knew couldn't be fulfilled. Stonewalling, hiding the truth, has become the standard operating procedure. Rewarding incompetence and guile is now the norm, as no one gets their employment terminated, even for the most grievous of offenses. Deceit abounds! New scandals are introduced to deflect truth seekers away from even more troubling scandals, and the seekers are demonized and attacked with untruths about their character. Government departments and employees are being turned against the citizens in support of the leadership. The Constitution is being routinely ignored and laws violated while the leader of the Senate barely gives a yawn to the problems. At the same time, he changes the rules so that he can implement the tyranny of the majority. Separation of powers are trod upon as more dictatorial methods are being employed, and the will of the people is being ignored. Cover-up is accepted and defended by loyalists.

When the president was re-elected, I wrote that regardless of our political side, we all would live under and be affected by how the administration performs, on both the national and international stages. I mention this to alert the administration's loyalists, that they too will suffer the consequences of what our Chicago-style administration is doing.

After the Constitutional Convention, Mrs. Powe asked Benjamin Franklin, "Tell me, what kind of a government have you given us?" To which Franklin replied, "A Republic, if you can keep it."

Can we keep it? Start demanding truth.

Bob Meade