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It never occured to him that it was against regulations or the law?

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To The Daily Sun,
I was shocked, disgusted, and driven to write this letter by the comments of the former Gilford chief of police, Kevin Keenan, in your paper yesterday. "It is known that police officers of all ranks have had extra-marital relationships at times when there were problems within their own marriages." I quote.

Cheating and lying, yes, have gone on in many occupations and areas of life. I agree. There should be a higher standard for someone in public life when such issues are breached. The other officer in question has not been publicly raked over the coals, as the chief has been, but they also were entrusted with duties such as helping to police young people and teaching right from wrong — how dare they!

Plus, when caught they were given paid leave. When I screw up at a job, I get fired with no pay!

It never occurred to him that it was against regulations, or the law. . . really. . . a grown man does not know that was wrong . . . especially in the position he held? Give me a break. Then I guess if there was nothing wrong you didn't need to hide it from everyone — like your children, family members, and your neighbors you supposed to be working for and leading by example? And you had a problem having your daughter read about it in the paper. . . how about next time you cheat think of her reaction first, not after you were caught. Everyone is sorry after they are caught.

Adultery hurts everyone involved. It is not a crime anymore but it hurts so many people that it should be. Just because it's not on the books anymore doesn't make it okay, Mr. Keenan. When fellow officers watch you lie to your wife and family, sneak around with another officer, and know you are a cheater it undermined your department, your town, and the honorable badge you were entrusted to wear.
I am sorry for having gone off like this, but when people make blatantly stupid remarks it drives you to speak up. For shame on you and the other officer fro holding others up to the law and whats right while you ran around behind peoples backs lying, cheating, and being hypocrites.
Julie Lawrence