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A narcicsistic, incompetent witch with delusions of grandeur

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To The Daily Sun,

I read here on Friday that Henry Osmer is critical of the Republican potential presidential candidates. Henry should expand his sources of information because MSNBC and the Huffington Report are about as low as, what was that term Henry used, oh yea, whale waste. I'm sure he is so very proud of the Democratic front runner, Mrs. Clinton.
You know I remember in 2008 she and her campaign promoted the idea that if that 3 a.m. call came she was the one the nation could trust to answer it. Well that call did eventually come. What happened was that our ambassador was butchered along with three other brave Americans by radical Muslim extremists. How did Mrs. Clinton handle this? She embarked on an extended two week lie, telling the world it was a demonstration which got out of hand. A demonstration fueled by a YouTube video no one had ever heard of. We know now they knew almost at once it was a terrorist attack. Finally when questioned by Congress as to the details her response was, "What does it really matter?"
The pride must just swell in your breast, Henry. And yes she indeed could be the next President of the United States. For my part I intend to write my opinions of this narcissistic, incompetent witch with delusions of grandeur. Let all the unthinking drones of socialism say what they will I will speak the truth as I see the truth to be. Up to this point in history Mrs. Clinton, President Obama and company have proven my words to be true far better then I ever could.

Steve Earle