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Politicians are too busy pandering to nutty views on extremes

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To The Daily Sun,

Voters have finally had it with the partisan bickering. Republicans are beginning to see the handwriting on the wall. During this holiday season there aren't enough nut crackers in existence to crack all the nuts in their party. Talk is beginning to emerge for "non–partisan" primaries, which would be a step in the right direction and draw both parties toward the middle, where compromise is possible. Extremists need only to look in the mirror for the cause of our problems. Politicians are too busy pandering to their nutty extremist views rather than concentrate on the public good.
The advantages of "non-partisan" elections are many. To name a few:
1. Helps eliminate "extreme" candidates from the process.
2. Independents and third-party candidates have a better chance of beating traditional candidates.
3. Candidates are more free to state their true beliefs rather than pandering to the nuts in their own party.
4. Reduces the gamesmanship that goes on in party politics.
5. Eliminates blind, straight-ticket voting where uninformed voters simply bow to their party ideals regardless of the merits of the individual candidates.
6. More than anything, this is an alternative to the present system, which is broken.
Several states have already adopted this method, among them California, where Arnold Schwarzenegger was chosen on 48.6 percelnt of the ballots and won by 1.3 million votes. Think about it. Politicians beholding to their constituencies rather than the party that got them elected. What a novel idea. Perhaps then we will not see horrid legislation that cuts food stamps for veterans and other homeless people. Just for that I'm adding another oxymoron to my lexicon —"Compassionate Republican".

George Maloof