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GOP predicted it wouldn't work & now bitch that it's not working

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To The Daily Sun,
AS the GOP wolves are surrounding the president like he is a wounded lion they are forgetting one thing: the lion is the king of the jungle for a reason; the lion is a cat and a cat has nine lives. The GOP is gleefully jumping up and down like a group of school girls on the playground. After complaining for years that the Affordable Care Act (ACA)) will never work, they now complaining that it's not working. But all the aces haven't been played yet. The odd part is still the fact that the ACA is there to help everyone get affordable health care but the GOP and their backers would rather you not buy any health care insurance or maybe they want you to buy it from them. The GOP won't use the excuse of being against big government control over individual rights that they like to use so much because we all see through that one now. Ask any women if the GOP is invading their private lives. But now I think I've figured out why the GOP wants to keep the insurance industry on the open market. It, as usual, comes down to one thing — GREED, which boils down to political donations which buys them the office they are running for. All this just because of Rick Scott of Florida, while he was living in Texas and working in the insurance industry. It all came down to one word and that is FRAUD.

So, in your spare time just google Rick Scott/Insurance Fraud Texas (you can also add Romney in there too) and read the articles. Might be why he has and will spend over 100 million dollars while running for governor of Florida. This is a job that pays just over $130,000 per year. Isn't it time to end this political graft? Shouldn't they be forced to live as honest as they expect us to? Where are the examples they are supposed to be setting? The only thing wrong about the ACA is that the website doesn't work. I feel that once the computers get all the kinks worked out, most people will be satisfied with the results. This is a massive, complicated undertaking and is larger than anything we have ever tried before. When Social Security, Medicare and Bush's drug plan all started they had lots of problems too but both sides got together and things worked out to our advantage. For any of you who have used any of those social safety nets, and I'm one of them, just imagine if they weren't around to help us. I thought the politicians worked for us, after all we do pay them with our tax dollars. It's time they give us some returns on our investments.

Jon Hoyt