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We don't need feds mandating that we take care of the poor

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To The Daily Sun,

This is the moment, citizens of N.H. Thursday, Nov. 21, our representatives and senators will be voting to expand Medicaid in N.H. It will cost N.H. hundreds of millions of dollars. And Governor Hassan is planning to pay for it by raising taxes, and incorporating a state income tax to cover what the federal government won't pay for three years from now. In fact, they probably can't even cover it now, as deeply in debt as they are.

We must stop this now. Please call your N.H. state senators and N.H. House representatives that we don't want expanded Medicaid. Tell them to stop and think for a moment, at least until the unaffordable Health Care Act is straightened out first. Why rush into something that is part of the sinking ship of the ACA? Money, money, money. Why are we in such a rush to spend it? We don't even have it, and if this passes on Thursday, we'll have even less.

I understand that we need to take care of the unfortunates, but who wants to be considered that way? Every town has its welfare dept., churches, considerate people who are taking care of the poor and elderly. We don't NEED the federal government to come down on us and mandate that we take care of the poor. We know it!

Please don't expand the Medicaid now.

Peggy Graham,