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If you want to expand Medicaid, feel free to move to Conn

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To The Daily Sun,

As I have stated in a previous letter, I am originally from Connecticut. I moved to the great state of New Hampshire in 2012 for many reasons: The mountains, the lakes, the clean air. . .  The main reason however is that in 2010, the uninformed in CT decided to elect Dannel P. Malloy for governor. To give you just a bit of information on what this piece of excrement did in his first year, I go to Wikipedia :

"The first task facing Malloy upon taking office was addressing a multi-billion-dollar deficit as a result of the prior state budget enacted by the Democratic super-majority-controlled legislature which Rell chose to accept without signing. Malloy adopted what he called an agenda of 'shared sacrifice' which was dependent on increases in various taxes, including the income tax, the gas tax, the sales tax, and the estate tax, as well as $1 billion each year in union concessions. Malloy chose not to reduce aid to municipalities as part of his budget agenda, although such aid would have been jeopardized if labor concessions were not reached. Many of Malloy's proposed tax increases were unpopular, despite a statewide 'listening tour' to promote the budget."

I left my family and friends behind because I was not willing to pay more of my already sorry wage so Malloy could continue with his "social issue" agenda.

On Thursday, November 21st, our Democrat-controlled Legislature, along with our Democrat governor, is going to vote on expanding Medicaid. Now the federal government has promised to pay for this expansion for the first three years, but when in recent years has the federal government kept their promises? "If you like you plan, you can keep your plan" comes to mind. So when the Feds fall through on yet another promise, who is going to be left with the bill? You and I, that's who. You can expect what happened in CT to happen here, all because the uninformed decided to elect excrement. You need to wake up.

It's time to stand up to your elected officials and tell them that they have to stop putting the screws to us. If they don't, they will all be looking for work after the next election cycle. I implore you to call you state reps, state senators, and the governor and tell them to vote no to the expansion of Medicaid. It's an expense that we don't need. Of course if you believe that we should pay more in taxes than we already do, feel free to move to CT. With the flood of people and businesses leaving there, Malloy could sure use a boost to his tax base.

Scott Schoonmaker