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Tell your senator to suck it up and make right decision on Medicaid

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To The Daily Sun,

It looks like the N.H. Senate is about ready to put our economy at grave risk by trusting an administration better know for prevarication than prosperity. The plan to expand Medicaid under the guise of covering more citizens is just plain wrong. To trust that the Obama Administration will keep its word and cover a large share of the cost is like trusting a huckster at a carnival. Our president has lied about Obamcare from the beginning. Maine tried a similar approach and found that the net number of covered individuals did not change as they moved from one system to another. This will cost us hundreds of millions of dollars of our hard earned tax dollars while Obama pays their part with newly printed monopoly money. I am tired of a Rodney King N.H. Senate that just wants to ".... all get along." Making the right decision is hard. Tell your senator to suck it up and make the right decision. Don't expand Medicaid in N.H.!

Dave Testerman