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My money is on 'Business', the foolish can bet on 'Government'

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To The Daily Sun,

The two horse racing form for America:
Horse number ONE at 1,000,000 to 1 odds. Name: "GOVERNMENT".
This horse has a long, tired and failed history. He comes in last no matter the weather conditions. He comes in last even though we change his jockey every four years and we change his trainer and stable hands every two. He comes in last no matter the track dry or muddy. He comes in last no matter how many oats we feed him and he never stops baying for more. His owners are in debt up to their eye balls tending to him. He has become bloated and runs slower than ever. More feed and endless vitamin shots fail to STIMULATE the sway back, old nag have all proved fruitless. He demands more hay, a wider stall, a bigger barn and a larger grazing pasture only he controls. His real desire is some cute filly he can cuddle with to sire another Rosemary's baby that looks like Obamacare. No matter the tragic, failed 100 year history of this horse named "Government", he still manages to convince millions to bet on this walking glue factory. Worst of all, every time "Government" loses he leaves a wet, brown trail of fecal material all the way to the stable that others have to SMELL and CLEAN UP. The lazy, arrogant bastard feels not an ounce of remorse for his failure.
Horse number TWO at better than EVEN odds. Name: "BUSINESS".
This horse too has a long, storied history. Just the opposite of the glue factory nag. Those that BET ON BUSINESS win just about every time. LONG term bettors have NEVER LOST. " Amazingly "Business" has returned to bettors just under 10 percent ( EVERY YEAR, on average ) for the past 70 years. "Business" returns hundreds of billions of dollars each year to its bettors stuffing their bank accounts and wallets. AN INCREDIBLE RECORD of WINS over its competitor "Government", who plays dirty. The market is up 165 percent over the past four years alone and now sits at it's highest level in HISTORY. All while the American economy endures its 5th year of farting and floundering under Barack Obama and "Government" sits paralyzed, unable to function, let alone RUN. American "Business" reinvents itself CONTINUALLY around the world. Half of profits now come from countries other than HERE. It adapts to weather conditions instantly. It adjusts to track conditions automatically. It changes jockeys within weeks if required. "Business" has it's nose in the wind smelling for the slightest changes that might require action. "Business" runs with reigns held tightly. if the track is muddy the goggles come up immediately. "Business" heads for the inside rail when conditions signal applying the whip to maximize speed. "Business" out thinks "Government" at every turn. All while "Government" does it all it can to INTERFERE with "Business" running its best race.
The middle class is VANISHING. In the last 40 years 35 million people have DROPPED from the middle class to the lower, while the top 20 percent ( almost all having bet on "Business") have seen their prosperity increase beyond their wildest dreams. The rich indeed have gotten far richer while the poor have gotten poorer and far more numerous. During this period of middle class decimation government has grown ENORMOUS in it's size and power, by EVERY MEASURE. Government becomes more costly, controlling and benevolent all while the middle class DIES and SHRIVELS tit-for-tat with that expansion. This is not some wild, unsubstantiated claim. Every fact supports the conclusion. There is an insane notion spread by Democrats that increased welfare and philanthropy by government prevents the destruction of the MIDDLE CLASS. We have 40 years of empirical evidence that PROVES this LOGIC is INSANE, in fact the results are the reverse. It simply has allowed government to become more powerful under the Trojan horse it is caring and concerned. Until government SHRINKS and until the middle class are encouraged, even MANDATED to participate in BUSINESS with time and investment their decline will only accelerate. The Democratic Party has spent the past 75 years expending every once of its energy, power, money and INFLUENCE to keep people betting on losing, bankrupt, fat, failed, fatigued "Government " as their salvation. That wrong BET for 70 straight years has produced ever increasing social unrest and the economic bifurcation of society we witness today. With ever fewer people holding all the winning tickets at the economic race track. Your losing your ECONOMIC LIFE and your happiness because you KEEP betting on the WRONG HORSE.
Tony Boutin