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Fingers were crossed when Hathaway House promise was made?

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To The Daily Sun,

As I passed the Dunkin' Donuts on Union Ave. today, I saw a picket line, saying how Dunkin' Donuts had lied to the city of Laconia. Not too long ago, questioning how one Dunkin' Donuts gave a senior citizen discount and the rest did not, I was told that all six of the local DD stores were not owned by the same person. So, even as I applaud the sign carriers, it is NOT Duncin' Donuts that lied to the city, tt was the owner of the Dunkin' Donuts on Union Ave. that did the lying so that he could open his new store across the street.

Let that be a lesson to all. In this day of greed, a simple handshake or giving his/her word, meant that you had your fingers crossed behind your back as you promised to do what was right, In this case, fixing up the old Hathaway House.
As I try and tell people, there is only one thing that can never be taken away from you and that is your word. Once you throw that away on your own, you will never get it back.

Bev Buker