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I have been blessed with all the senior citizens I see each day

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To The Daily Sun,

Right now, today, we still live in a mostly free nation. How long it will remain that way, one can never tell. I am blessed with having been born in a time when one could leave their home unlocked, keys in the car, and money laying around on the table, and know that it all would be right where you left it when you got back to using it. No, this is not a dream, but a long ago reality, before the government got into your homes and told you how to raise your kids. Once the government got control of your household, like everything else the government does, the poop hit the fan and the family became non functional, but I am not here to tell you what's wrong with the nation, you already know what's wrong, only you gave up your rights to raise your family the way it should be raised, so be it.
Everyday, I read the letters to the editor, and everyday some one is calling the kettle black. So sad.
If the editor sees fit to print this letter, I would like to tell you how much I have been blessed. This year, I lost a brother and a sister, a blessing for one and a shock for the other, but so far I am still healthy and still trying to help my fellow senior citizens keep their independence. I don't have much, but some of them have even less. I have been blessed by knowing a 97-year-old lady, who served as a "Grammy" at the Elm Street School, volunteered her time at the Taylor Home, walked faster than some 50-year-olds, and was a source of useful information. A true gem of a person who the Lord saw fit to make her slow down with a slight stroke this summer. I have been blessed with all the senior citizens I see daily and learned how hard it was during the Great Depression years and why they are able to cope with shortages while the younger people cannot. One can truly learn from these wonderful seniors, if you take the time to listen. I am sure that the head honcho meant well by ordering everyone to have health insurance, and somehow, the seniors will cope with that as well by sticking together.
Before you go all shouting "woe is me...woe is me", count your blessings. See if you can get along without that new iPad and every other new piece of junk hitting the market daily. Count your blessings that you do not have to eat canned pet food as some seniors are forced to do because they only get an allotment of $16 a month for food stamps. Lastly, count your blessings that you have enough heat while some seniors are going to freeze this winter because it was prescription or heat and they opt for the medication to try and stay alive. Reward yourself by living within your means, and if it in your power, check on that senior who lives next door who all they may need, is a kind word.

Bev Buker