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Impact of 50 great raffle prizes & concession stand was immeasurable

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To The Daily Sun,

On October 26th, Pleasant Street School held its annual Fall Festival with a hearty goal of raising funds to support the children of PSS.

We are writing to thank the many individuals and businesses within the community that helped make our event a huge success. A larger than life thank you to all the area businesses that donated items for our raffle table and concession stand. The impact of having 50 great raffle prizes and a food-filled concession stand at no cost to us is immeasurable. A big thanks to all of our PSS bakers, the bake sale table was a huge success due to the never-ending sea of homemade items. We also want to extend our appreciation to the Laconia Fire Department for bringing one of their engines to the festival. The kids were able to climb inside and talk to the firemen about their jobs. Seeing the huge ladder extended high into the sky was a sight that brought both awe and excitement to kids big and small. Another big thank you to Officer Cardinal from the Laconia Police Department. The kids love to see her familiar face. Last, but not least, without the people that donated their time to help run this event, it would never have had the success it did.

So, to the families that donated prizes and funds to keep our costs down, to the school staff, parents, grandparents, and PSS alumni that kept all aspects of the festival running smoothly, and to everyone that brought their families to experience what a special day it was, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Pleasant Street School VIPSS