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Before, you could choose insurance with features you wanted

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To The Daily Sun,
I'm sorry that Nancy Parsons (see her letter of November 6) needed surgery recently, I'm happy it was successful. And, I'm happy that insurance paid most of her medical bills.
In her letter Ms. Parsons charges, without evidence, that insurance companies do horrible things, like "dropping people who are very ill". So, why didn't the insurance company just cancel Ms. Parsons' policy rather than pay over $180,000 for her medical bills?
According to the New Hampshire Insurance Department, it is illegal for an insurance company to cancel a policy if the premiums are paid.
In addition, ensuring that commitments are fulfilled is a legitimate government function, e.g., via insurance regulators, politicians, and courts. If insurance companies act as many radical leftists charge, it would indicate a major failure of government.
Almost everyone knows people for whom insurance paid enormous medical bills. Insurance companies must deal fairly with people and fulfill their obligations or they will lose business and face regulator actions.
Ms. Parsons likes Obamacare, the "solution" to mostly imaginary problems that the radical leftists have imposed on the American people. Obamacare requirements force cancellation of millions of health insurance policies that responsible people bought to protect themselves and their families. (There will be many times more cancellations next year.)
For example, some cancer patients report that the policies that are paying their medical bills have been cancelled. Replacement policies are often not affordable and/or don't allow access to their health care providers. These patients face heart-wrenching choices.
Before Obamacare, people could choose the insurance with the features they desired.
Obamacare's "experts" created four almost identical policies for us to choose from. These policies are much more expensive than current policies, may not be accepted by current doctors and hospitals, and all require coverage that many people don't want or need, e.g., 60-year-old couples must buy policies covering birth control and maternity costs.
The radical leftists didn't impose Obamacare on us just to insure a few more people. Obamacare's purpose is to grow government and to control people.
Higher health care expenses harm middle income Americans by straining already tight budgets and/or making previously independent people become dependent on government, e.g., for help paying insurance premiums that were forced high to provide unnecessary and mostly undesired insurance coverage.
I am happy that Ms. Parsons received the care she needed and that her insurance honored its commitments. But, I wish her experience would make her wake up to the greatness of our health care system, the benefits of the free market, the responsibilities of regulators, and of the harm that Obamacare inflicts on our country and the American people.
Don Ewing