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Young will be susidizing the old, who have 4 times the wealth

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To The Daily Sun,

Nancy Parsons needs another Obamacare lesson. It seems her mind overloads easily, so I will deliver the instruction in segments maybe even she can grasp. Honestly, I think Nancy has the capacity to learn new things. I am going to keep shoving it down her throat until she gets it. The same method Obama uses with people — she seems to like that approach.
Today's lesson Nancy: How the young fare under Obamacare.
I assume Nancy must be particularly interested because the young represent the future of our country. Nancy professes her concern for people. So lets find out if Nancy has emotional feelings for the YOUNG people who are getting their chestnuts blackened under the Unaffordable care act...
A few general facts:
1. The young, identified as the 18 to 40 age group represent the LEAST wealthy quintile of people in all of America. Any person concerned with income INEQUALITY would be doing their best to help this age group before all others.
2. We have managed to saddle our YOUNG with a bone crushing, record setting, TRILLION dollars in college debt. Universities REFUSE to control costs or become more efficient in the delivery of their product because these places are controlled by labor unions. Unions see improved education efficiency as a reason to cut labor, that cuts professor ranks. Democrats decided it is far better to placate labor unions and screw the YOUNG to the rafters with life crippling debt. Student loan defaults are now at record highs, and the job market for the young under Obama is more than DISMAL.
3. The age 18 to 36 group is the lowest user of health care and the least costly to insure. Their insurance rates have reflected this. Under Obamacare, the average 27 year old will experience a 90 percent INCREASE in health insurance costs under Obamacare. These are astronomical price increases. Some young person should cut the word AFFORDABLE out of plywood and tell Obama to stick it where the sun don't shine.
4. The new law limits insurers from charging the old and sick more than THREE TIMES what it charges the youngest and healthiest customers. The old, use SIX times the health care than the young, but will be charged 50 percent less while the young will be FAR OVERCHARGED for the amount of health care they consume (which is little). The POOREST quintile of America, the YOUNG will be SUBSIDIZING the old, who have three to four times the wealth. Obamacare puts a GUN to the head of the poorest among us (the young) to pay the health costs of those with far more money. Nancy Parsons LOVES IT. Why? Because she only takes instructions from OBAMA. She has lost the ability to think critically and independently for herself. This is no accident, the objective of donkeyism is to accomplish exactly that ending. A brain dead voter who only takes instruction from government central, high command out of DEPENDENCE.
5. Wealth inequality doesn't just happen randomly or because the rich are more successful. It happens because DEMOCRATS keep as many people POOR as long as possible with their policies for THEIR DEPENDENT VOTE. Obamacare is just the latest rendition of how this happens. Social Security with its miniscule 3 percent or less return on assets is another way. It is TOTAL FRAUD and invisible, that is why Democrats like it. Tens of millions of beneficiaries are ripped off for trillions by Social Security and they do not even know it. Why? Brain DEAD.
Tony Boutin