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Need to dislodge purveyors of violence & crimes by military

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To The Daily Sun,

It seems to me we are a people easily lead and influenced by administrative policies that justify on-going war and conflicts in several nations that pose no threat to our safety. This mania comes out of the event of 9/11 which caused the greatest upheaval of widespread fear affecting the American psyche as no other singular incident has! Consider: as a nation we allowed our military to assault Iraq and Pakistan with devastating force, killing more than a half-million people. Looking back 10 years ago, many say Iraq was a mistake! In a cold, calculating arrogance we simply write off this immense tragedy as if it was failure, and go on our way? What kind of people are we, after all.
We watch television shows that often depict gun violence by both men and women with apparent disdain. Even cartoons display graphic violence time and again. If we disagree and protest the amount of violence in media, television, and literature — why don't we speak out strongly about its affect on our children, and our own lives?
We have a violent past. As a people (read American history) we usually take what we what, and do as we want. Heroic at times: often we have used violence to assert our pre-eminence and authority regardless the cost of human life! We have instilled fear and distrust around the world because of our brute force on lesser nations — unable to defend themselves! We have violence on the streets and cities, further dividing people and isolating others. People in manufacturing who refuse to accept the fact that assault weapons have no place in a civilized society!
The time is overdue for us to take charge and dislodge purveyors of violence and crimes by the military. This nation belongs to you and me and everyone who yearns for peace — at home, in our families, and in foreign lands. God help us in this endeavor!

Leon R. Albushies