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Talk about taxes, big government & debt & the response is 'racism'

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To The Daily Sun,

On Saturday, Roland Jutras wrote a hopeful letter expressing his desire for polite and civil debate in our political letters. I wish it could be so but as Roland pointed to Nancy Parson"s letter in which she claimed to have "detected" a racial element in Tony Boution"s letters (complete nonsense) is the perfect example of why it will never be. I can go back 50 years when the "what are you, a racist", phrase began being thrown into the faces of anyone who would dare disagree with left wing activists of the time. Since then nothing has changed especially with Obama coming onto the scene a few years ago. Let me recap just a bit.
Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the nomination for president. Critics rightly pointed out his lack of experience, lack of accomplishments. The leftss response: "Racism", they screamed.
Barack won the nomination and the election. Those who voted against him for the above stated reasons were labeled by the left as, "racists".
Barack broke just about every campaign promise in the next couple years and many of us made a point of pointing that out. The left's answer: "racism" again!
The Tea Party emerged speaking against raising taxes, growing government and national debt. The left's response: you guessed it, "racism".

In the last few years we have seen "Fast and Furious" (the failed gun running scheme), the Benghazi debacle, IRA scandal, foreign policy incompetence, and latest the failed ACA roll out. When anyone dared speak or write a critical word you know by now how the left responded. "Racism" they charged, "bigots, rednecks", and all manor of personal smears and slanders were cast but seldom was it that the left was able to deny the facts or present reasonable arguments on their behaves.
Several years ago I decided I wasn't going to take it any more, I wouldn't remain silent, so Roland, I must confess your hope for polite, civil debate will not be. I will give back to as I receive from the left. If they can't take it I'd suggest they stop dishing it out.
Steve Earle