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Middle School Sachems football team finished with 9-1-1 record

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To The Daily Sun,

As a parent of a player, I would like to extend a huge "Thank You" to the coaching staff, support staff, and parents of the players of the Laconia Middle School Sachems Football Team that made this past season an almost perfect one.

The LMS Sachems faced a very busy schedule, playing 11 season games with several scrimmages intermingled throughout the season. Opponents faced this year include Kearsage, Kennett, Kingswood, Newfound, Plymouth and Winnisquam.

The Middle School Sachems closed the season with a 9-1-1 record, defeated only by the Plymouth Middle School team on October 22 on Plymouth soil. Prior to this game, both teams were undefeated and the Sachems were down a few key players due to the flu and injuries. The LMS Sachems had a chance to redeem themselves against Plymouth on October 30th and faced off again, this time on home turf. Both teams battled back and forth on the gridiron with intense determination. Plymouth struck first with a touchdown in the second quarter but the Sachems denied them the conversion to set the score at 0 – 6, Plymouth. Not to be left behind, the LMS Sachems fought back with a touchdown of their own in the third quarter. Plymouth would not fall easily and the LMS conversion was stopped by Plymouth's incredible defense to tie the score 6 – 6. Both teams were locked in a stalemate for the rest of the game, closing the game with a 6 to 6 tie in an incredible game of suspense and anticipation.

Several LMS players stood out as excellent athletes throughout the season but what truly lead the LMS Sachems to an outstanding record was the fact that each and every player on the team came through when it counted, stepping up and making a whole-hearted effort when it was needed, no matter the circumstance. These young men should be proud of the efforts and dedication they have shown this season — Great Job Team!

We would especially like to thank the coaching staff, Chip Nyhan, Mike Schofield, and Dem Chaisson for all of their time and dedication to making this season a success. Daily practices and weekend games combined with a work schedule makes for a very busy week. These men give their all to make this a successful program and especially so this year. There are countless others that deserve recognition for this season's outcome as well and I wouldn't attempt to name them all for fear of forgetting someone. Honorable mention is definitely deserved by Rod Roy for assisting the coaching staff and Sherri and Tim Minor for all that they do to videotape the games and distribute copies to parents and coaches. Of course we cannot forget to mention all the parents and thank them for delivering the players here, there and everywhere when practice locations changed, and above all else, supporting your players so that they can participate in this program.

LMS as well as the community can be proud of this program, players, and staff members!

Michael Shastany