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Alton selectmen are not treating one of their own with respect

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To The Daily Sun,

I attended a selectmen's meeting in Alton on Nov. 4th. I was surprised and saddened by a couple of board members' lack of respect for the newest Alton selectman,
Robert Daniels. One certainly got the impression they were not happy about Mr. Daniels being elected to the board to the point of attempting to thwart the will of the voters who elected him.

It reminded me of the character assassination I witnessed when I attended a Planning Board meeting and heard the newest elected member referred to as "an idiot." Talk about the "good ol" boys (and girls) network! Much of what was directed at Mr. Daniels was in reference to his not supporting a $300,000 budget increase. Because he chose to contact the Budget Committee members by e-mail, he was bullied and reprimanded by the chair and vice chair. Most people in Mr. Daniel's position would've walked out but to his credit, he didn't.

It seems the time has come for the town of Alton to invest in an audio system to record all meetings by the various boards so that the citizens can have some insight into the character of their elected officials. Audio equipment is not that expensive these days. It's a sad commentary that we see what appears to be contempt for the will of the voters when they elect new conservative board members. All of our elected officials deserve to be treated with civility by co-board members, including the newly elected ones.

Phil Wittmann