New faces & new ideas always welcome at Tea Party meetings

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To The Daily Sun,

Are you tired of government interference in your private life? Or even aware of it? Are you tired of the politics? How often do you think, "Just let me do my thing? I am a responsible citizen and I understand the laws of my town". But they just keep imposing more and more rules into our lives. Many others feel the same way. I was at my wits end of frustration until I found out about the Lakes Region Tea Party last year and found a way to vent my feelings, and learn more about what is really happening in our country, and in the world.

The Lakes Region Tea Party is a group of ordinary citizens who feel like the government is not acting the way it was set up to do. They meet the third Wednesday of each month at the Moultonboro Library at 7 p.m. and welcomes anyone, regardless of party affiliation to join them. Usually there is an in-depth presentation by one of the participants on a given topic, and cookies afterwards. New faces and new ideas are always welcome. We are looking for people who want to learn how to voice their concerns and be willing to fact find and prepare pamphlets to help others. Check them out on the websites of N.H. Tea Party and Granite State Make new friends and see what you can do to stop the over-reach of the government.

Peggy Graham