How soon the right wingers forget lies of Bush administration

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To The Daily Sun,

The letters to the editor lately have been disturbing to read. I have known for a long time that those here in the Lakes Region just plain hate our president, mainly because they know the GOP is sinking like a rock or lower than whale waste. I can hardly wait to see the list of losers that line up to run against Mrs. Clinton. I hope the Obama haters have nightmares every night thinking of Cruz (born in Canada), Cristie (more baggage than a freight train) Paul (OMG) and so on.

The right wingers continue to call the president a liar, how soon they forget the lies of the Bush administration. I will remember forever that Bush lied — thousands dead and wounded and so soon FORGOTTEN.

I was pleased to read today that help is on the way for those suffering with a form of mental illness. A addition is being planned at a local hospital for mental patients, so have faith right wingers ,you will be able to get insurance for pre-existing conditions.

Henry Osmer