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We don't need to be salting roads on days like this past Sunday

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To The Daily Sun,

I wish someone in charge of the State Highway Department would start making good decisions when it comes to winter road maintenance. We just got our first snow, a very wet, slushy 1-2 inches on Sunday, and plow trucks were out plowing and salting everywhere. I watched at least a dozen trucks from Holderness to Thornton plowing nothing but bare, wet pavement, and salting roads all over. I can understand plowing Interstate 93, etc., but every road? It's ridiculous!

It appears many district foreman do not use any common sense this time of the year. First of all, the ground isn't even close to being frozen. Secondly, the forecast (readily available anywhere) calls for temps in the low 40s. On days like this, this time of the year, mother nature can work faster than plows and salt. I saw people's lawns melting just as fast as the roads, the only snow left at the day's end were the tiny snow banks the plows made (if any). What a waste of time, material, and tax dollars. What ever happened to letting people actually learn how to drive in winter? Give drivers some responsibility. There are only a few ding dongs that drive like idiots, they shouldn't be out or if they go off the road, it's their fault. A lot of times, the salt just makes a bigger mess.

It's no wonder why the state is always going over budget on winter highway maintenance. The guys behind the wheel are only doing what they are told, it's the people telling them what to do that are making the bad decisions. What a waste of money.

Martin Carney