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Information isn't 'factual' just because you read it on the Internet

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To The Daily Sun,

Recently in this forum, we were greeted with another of Earle's fairy tales — not to be confused with a Grimm's Fairy Tales. In this most recent episode, Earle defends his birther friends by claiming President Obama "used fraud to get into the colleges he attended by claiming to be a foreign student." We can be assured that this information is factual because Earle relied on a conservative blog/e-mail he received from "reliable sources."

Being the skeptic that I am, especially as it relates to Earle, I researched his most recent allegations. It appears this particular lie was initiated based on comments made by Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, when speaking to a group of local Republicans, he stated that the president MAY have told college admissions officers that he had been born in Kenya in order to receive special perks. Bennett later said that his comments were being "misconstrued" and he was "hinging" his statement on the word "IF." Of course, this misinformation is all the birthers needed to create a lie and cast doubt.

Unlike Earle, I'm reluctant to believe these reports without proof, and once again, unlike Earle, I hesitate to rely on the accuracy of others. "Nuf said."

Over the years, contributors have provided Earle with numerous Fox News lies, but for the sake of brevity I will limit mine to one, and the most obvious — their slogan, "Fair and Balanced." Fox only became "Fair and Balanced" when the Supreme Court in Florida said it was perfectly legal for them to misinform and lie to the public. Never trust a network that continually tries to convince you how "Fair and Balanced" they are.

It's unfortunate that once again I have to respond to Meade's letter, in which he responds with a filtered version of what he thinks I said, and manufactures a version of what he says I wrote. I never offered an apology to Mr. Jones, as Meade suggests, because I didn't feel an apology was warranted. That having been said, it is disheartening to me the way Meade has used Mr. Jones in his petty attacks to my credibility, motives, and my character. An apology, to Mr. Jones, is in order for the crass way in which Meade has manipulated reality and tried to legitimize his gross misrepresentations of facts.

L. J. Siden