Please know I strive to live my life each day in open minded way

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To The Daily Sun,

"Do as I say, not as I do". This is one of life's many contradictory commands. Another very popular adage: "If the shoe fits, wear it". Meaning: if a description applies to you, then admit it and accept it. In my opinion, these two phrases could apply to some narrow-minded people who write letters to the editor submitted to The Laconia Daily Sun.

Because we have a free will, we are able to make choices about the interactions we have with one another. Those choices are affected by whether we come to a decision with an open or narrow mindset. Open-mindedness is not a disease or a "condition" to be feared. It actually allows one to have a more clear and unbiased understanding of the world around us. It enables us to learn from our experiences and to correct our prejudices and narrow our blind spots.

Whether you deal with me on a personal level or in other ways (as on the opinion pages of this newspaper), please know that I strive to live my life each day in an open minded way. This would be a more understanding and just world if we all lived by this simple principal. I said, "strive", since none will ever "succeed" 100 percent.

Bernadette Loesch