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I've seen first hand how our county operates & I'm not impressed

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To The Daily Sun,
I read the letter in the Nov. 6 Daily Sun from Rep. Bob Greenmore and his group. I have a question about the admission that our county commissioners have been remiss in their duties. As it states in his letter, state law REQUIRES that twice a year the commissioners are to inspect the correctional facilities under their jurisdiction and file a report within 30 days to the Attorney General. In the past five years this has only been done twice.
This is a blatant disregard for the duties they were elected to perform. A willful violation of state law without even having the bad excuse of not being aware. This kind of cavalier attitude toward their responsibilities puts the taxpayers of Belknap County at risk for litigation. Here's the scenario: a detainee is harmed somehow while in the custody of the Corrections Department. He gets a lawyer. The lawyer discovers that the commissioners have not done their due diligence and this is "why my client was harmed your honor".
Who holds the commissioners accountable? Apparently no one except the voters. So is the county going to be fined for breaking the law? Is someone going to jail? What is the penalty for violation of this state law?
If our current commissioners do not intend to uphold their duties then they should resign. If they don't resign I would like to register my vote of "NO CONFIDENCE" in our current administration and ask my fellow voters to join me.
I have seen first hand how our county operates and believe me I am not impressed. There are ongoing systemic problems in our nursing home and in our correctional facilities. The underlying cause of all this is simply poor leadership and bad management.
One last point to be made. You can be sure that if an employee for the county had so openly violated a requirement like this they would have been fired and crucified. Do not the standards apply for all?
It's time for the three kings to be dethroned!!

Gordon Blais