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Yankee fans brag about titles won long before they were born

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To The Daily Sun,

I am a Red Sox supporter. My son is a Red Sox fan. The difference is a fan (fanatic) knows a lot about the team and the supporter just supports his home team without all the statistics. I was a "fan" when I was a young boy. It is sad to see many grown men "adults" put so much importance on sports and less importance on family. Why is Thanksgiving more important to many for the football game than the reason for Thanksgiving?

Back to The Red Sox. I celebrate the World Series Championship for the young New England boys who dream of becoming a major league baseball player and support their Red Sox. The Red Sox is the team on the TV, radio and news here in New England. I watched The Red Sox with my dad since I was 11 ((1973) and he passed away in 2000 at 86 years old never having to celebrate with me. But my son was born just a few months after he passed away and I had a 4-year-old Red Sox fan to watch "The Curse" be broken and we recorded us watching the Red Sox beating the Yankees and The Cardinals in 2004, the year they broke the curse under a full lunar eclipse! Beating The "mighty" Yankees was more exciting than the World Series victory of 2004 as they were the only team to ever come back from first three losses to win four straight and against the "mighty" Yankees made it all the more sweeter! I had met many Red Sox haters and many are New England natives and most were former "Red Sox fans" who admitted "I was a Red Sox fan but I got sick of the losing so I became a Yankee fan". I always felt it was "poor sportsmanship" to forsake your home team to become a fan of another team that has more championships and then try to take pride in championships that occurred long before they and their parents were even born.
The Red Sox winning three times in the last decade might be an unusual stroke of luck as each team was different. The 2013, 2007 and 2004 teams had only David Ortiz as the only player on all three teams. So why do Yankee fans BRAG about being a Yankee fan or Red Sox hater of years long before they we born? It is very easy to be a fan of a team with more championships than other teams, when most championships were before they were even born, but how much more enjoying is your home town team more associated with your community or the team that is broadcast daily on your cable TV. When you live, work and school in N.E. you should be wishing your neighbors, students and co-workers happiness. Too many Red Sox haters live here in N.E. Many are born and raised as Red Sox fans and others are from N.Y. but both wish their neighbors, school children and fellow employees disappointment. Those who HATE The Red Sox will cheer for the other team as they enjoy the disappointment of their own community members. Many who live here in N.H. and N.E. would enjoy a Red Sox disappointing loss from the World Series even more than a Red Sox fan would enjoy a World Series Championship. That is a sad commentary. People enjoy other peoples misfortune than they enjoy their own fortune.

Joe Laurendeau