Price of 'church' does not reflect actual value of building today

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To The Daily Sun,

The column by Roy Sanborn about the "bargain" in Center Harbor (Nov. 1) is very misleading. I was recently told the owner (Bank of America, I believe) had turned down $300,000. There was an auction several weeks ago and $275,000 was the top bid, also turned down. The second bedroom seems to be in the choir loft of the "church", which to the best of my knowledge is NOT heated. The appliances have all been removed, as has the lap pool. There is a need for shingles on the "church". The basement is full of mold, I am told. Doors are warped and need replacement. The fireplace is nice, but far too large for the room. Where the lap pool was, there is a hole covered with plywood. The kitchen is small and not set up well. The assessed price reflects what has been spent to acquire the "church" and add the addition, not a value of the place today. The lot is very small. Last but not least, I believe the lot is zoned residential and the notion put forth by the owner and the real estate broker "use your imagination" for a use, is way out of line.
Bob Heath

Center Harbor