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Veterans & veteran issues should never come in second place

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To The Daily Sun,

With Veteran's Day not so far away and the recent news regarding veterans' memorials, Veterans and non-veterans can show their honorable support right here in the Lakes r=Region at the "State's Original POW/MIA Memorial" located in Hesky Park, Meredith. This would show the rest of the country what it means to come together as "Veterans and People who Care" for the right reason — Honor and Remember. . . service and sacrifice of those who serve and their families.

I have stated that "veterans and veteran's issues should never come in second place to any other issues" — meaning,Faith, Trust, Truth, Responsibility and Accountability are what Freedom is all about. Veterans lead the way. "When one American is not worth the effort, then we as Americans have lost". Veterans understand that. If we can forget that fact, then NO other issue has a chance. Issues that face the elderly, young, disabled, sick, poor or any other discussed, will be handled with words only.

"The Rock" in Hesky Park, home of the longest held POW/MIA Vigil in the nation, veterans and others make the effort to maybe take the time to show others how it's done?

Just a thought and even an opportunity to express your feelings? Keeping to the focus of the day. Veterans. Veteran's Day, Monday, November 11th, Hesky Park. . . following the service at the WW2 Memorial at the Library on Main Street at 11 a.m..

Bob Jones