Cafua Management not living up to its Hathaway House responsibilities

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To The Daily Sun,

Dunkin' Donuts has failed Laconia. Dunkin' Donuts is one of the most successful businesses in town, yet they do not keep their promises to the city.

When Cafua Management built the Dunkin' Donuts next to the historic and architecturally stunning Hathaway House, they agreed to preserve the building. When the project was approved by the city, they assured the Planning Board that the house would be repainted and fitted with a fire alarm and fire suppression system.

Cafua Management and Dunkin' Donuts are responsible for a landmark building becoming an eyesore. Laconia and Dunkin' Donuts would be shamefully remiss if this treasure were to fall into further disrepair.

It took some digging to discover just who Cafua is. With more than 180 Dunkin' Donuts stores spanning seven states, Cafua Management Company is the largest privately owned Dunkin Donuts franchisee in the U.S. Cafua Management has its corporate offices in North Andover, Mass.

I suggest we all buy our coffee and doughnuts at one of the many other coffee shops in Laconia until Dunkin' Donuts lives up to its promises.

Janet Simmon