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Obamacare will make things be more equal for all Americans

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To The Daily Sun,

Just read your letter, Mr. Boutin, and all I read was the same Fox News talking points. Insurance companies, for too many years, have had the pleasure of dropping people who are very ill, denying coverage to people (even kids) with pre-existing conditions, increasing their rates every year to make more profits while cutting benefits, upping maximum annual pay outs for conditions, even cancer. You just do not seem to get it. They now cannot do this stuff so old policies which don't meet new standards under the Affordable Care Act have been discontinued. Some deductibles also went up and some benefits were cut out just so they could make a profit. See things will now be more equal for all people in the USA and people will all have access to health care.

As to an increase in rates. Give me a break. Rates increased every year in the past. That was a given. I worked with people who got raises just to see them complain because their health insurance rates went up using up their raises. And complaining because some benefits they had the year before were cut out and no longer covered. Also companies that provided health insurance for their employees, to save money, worked with the insurance companies to cut stuff out so the premiums they paid on behalf of their employees stayed low. As to people who are having their policies of last year canceled the fact is that those policies do not follow current regulations for what they offer. These people will be able to get better coverage for less premium dollars. Insurance companies are the ones canceling the policies because it is more expensive for them to do what is necessary to comply with the current regulations. They do not want to loose profits and will get rid of these rather then adjust them to meet the standards just to keep the cost down so they make money. This is an example of what power the insurance companies have had for so many years.

Might I suggest you start paying attention to what is actually being said by the doctors, hospitals and other people involved with this new insurance act.

I just had major surgery and my bills to date are over $180,000. One ambulance ride for a total of five miles cost me over $3,000. I'm lucky because I have insurance. If not I still would have gotten the care but you and others with insurance would be paying my bill. NO BILL GOES UNPAID. Hospitals,labs and doctors have to up their rates to make up for any loses due to unpaid bills so the ones with insurance doing the paying. People go to the ER all the time to get care because they have no insurance. They agree to make monthly payments problem is most times they can't. So these bills go unpaid. So if everyone has some sort of insurance hospital, lab and doctor costs will stabilize and possibly go down. How is that a bad thing.

I'll end this with one question because I have been reading your letters for years now and you certainly have a hate for President Obama. Why? Would you like him better if he were white or Republican? And yes, before you say it, race is a very important factor in all of this and has been since the day he announced he was running. People know this but they will never admit it because no one wants to admit they have racist attitudes, especially in 2013.

Nancy Parsons