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Voters need to keep Bob Hamel & Armand Bolduc working for them

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To The Daily Sun,

Municipal elections are never about just one issue. There are many factors that come in to play and they are as diverse as the residents that populate those communities. As taxpayers, our job is to select the most competent representatives possible. In the City of Laconia, we know that two seats will see new representation; Ward 2 Councilor and the office of Mayor. In Wards 1, 3 and 4, the incumbents are running unopposed, while the incumbents in Wards 5 and 6 are being challenged.
Over the past eight years, Ward 5 Councilor Bob Hamel has committed himself to making Laconia a better place to live, work and play. He has displayed a strong sense of fiscal responsibility, while continuing to look for ways for the city to keep moving forward. He is a constant watchdog, ensuring that we are not frivolously spending our community's hard earned dollars. On the same token, he has been diligent in maintaining proper funding for much needed infrastructure improvements and worked extremely hard to provide economic opportunities for our local residents and businesses by championing the Huot Technical Center project. I am a resident of Ward 5 and my vote will go to the individual who will carry on our commitment to growing and prospering. That individual is Councilor Bob Hamel.
If you looked up the definition of "public servant" in the dictionary, you would probably see a picture of Ward 6 Councilor Armand Bolduc. His lengthy service to the city is legendary, having dedicated over 30 years of his life to our fine community. As incredible as that may seem, that is not what impresses me most about Councilor Bolduc. His commitment to his community through events such as Christmas Village, the Laconia World Championship Sled Dog Race, the Lakeport Freighthouse Museum, the Lakeport Community Association, the annual Leavitt Park carnival or any one of the countless events he has a direct hand in, is equally impressive. As chair of the Council's Public Works Committee, Councilor Bolduc has worked tirelessly to insure that the city's infrastructure is being maintained at the highest level possible. He is the genuine article — honest, hard-working and selfless. For decades, Councilor Bolduc has always been there, ready to serve his constituents in any way possible. A vote for Councilor Bolduc is a vote for stable and reliable representation.
On Tuesday, November 5th, please honor those men and women who fight for our freedoms every day by exercising your right to vote.

Michael Seymour