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This country needs a guy like Ted Cruz to be the GOP nominee

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To The Daily Sun,
I am on a time limit, due to borrowing a computer. So very quickly, first to Mr. Earle: you obviously won't believe any real proof of Fox News's lies. But it's right in the very name of their network. Now if they were to call it something like Fox Right Wing Opinions, they would only be called liars when they actually tell lies. Actually I see lies all the time on MSNBC, they always have Republicans on their shows. Probably Republicans you've actually heard of, not like the list of "liberals" listed by the woman complaining that MSNBC didn't cover the horror show of an abortion clinic in PA. And, of course she was wrong about that, I watch MSNBC in the early morning ("First Look", "Way Too Early", "Morning Joe"), and yes it was mentioned on at least those three shows. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad that that woman want all abortion facilities to be even worse than that nightmare.
I can't possibly not comment on Jack Stephenson's letter about how "lucky" some Africans were to be ripped from their lives and families to be sold into slavery . I can only hope you were being facetious, I sadly don't think you were though. Maybe the reason that African-Americans don't look to take sailing lessons up here in the Lakes Region is there are so very few of them anywhere near here, and who could blame them with people saying things like what you said Jack. You should be ashamed.
In a country where we pay people millions of dollars who can successfully chase a ball around a court or field and I read in this very paper letters from people who claim that teachers are evil, it's no wonder that kid's who are not athletic are treated poorly. The kid that wrote that letter should take heart, there are places where intelligence is actually valued, and not really all that far away.
Now just one more comment to Mr. Earle: Please, please, please work hard to get Ted Cruz higher in the polls for 2016. This country needs this guy to be the Republican presidential nominee. While your letters and those of other right wingers are amusing, we need to have some real entertainment. And from what I've seen of this guy, he can deliver. Go Hillary 2016!
I have to stop now, hopefully I will be all computered up soon and will be able to comment in a more timely fashion.

Marty Valengavich