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Adjustments to the spine to nothing for our immmune systems

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To The Daily Sun,

Russ Wiles is at it again in his letter entitled "chiropractic warriors". Published on the 18th of September in The Sun, he attacks me again with little in the way of facts, but full of failed attempts at adolescent humor. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I was out of town at a medical conference when it was first published.

He accuses me of having a "little water on the brain". He calls it "cranial waterloggus". No Russ, the medical term is called Hydro Cephalous. I assume you are in your mid 60s Russ, isn't it time for you to grow up and use medically correct terminology? This is a serious and devastating medical condition especially when it presents itself in the neo natal period. Anyone who can find any humor in this condition is really a sick, sick individual, Russ. It is really ironic that you pick this condition to try and belittle me, but more on that later.

My first job as a PA was in the Department of Pediatrics, in the Division of Genetics, at the University of Florida. Oh , I am sorry Russ, here I am using my experience again in your own words, "as a sledge hammer to put me down ...". Poor Russ, I just consider this a game of Intellectual Whack a Mole, with you Russ, as the mole. The ironic part of this, Russ, is that one of the main culprits for hydro cephalous in the neo natal period is an in utero infection with the Rubella virus. I had the opportunity to witness this first hand 30 years ago. Babies born to mothers with Rubella, or German measles can have severe cranial, ocular, and neurological disabilities. One medical advance that has almost completely eliminated this is the widespread use of the MMR vaccine. Pregnant women to this day are still tested for antibodies to Rubella. Two shots at one year and five years of age provide lifelong immunity. What a concept, Vaccines as immunizations, yes they do work, despite what your hero Tim O'shea, DC, thinks. In your own idiotic attempt to belittle me you have actually allowed me to prove a point. Vaccines save lives and have changed the course of medical care worldwide.
While you find chiropractors to be competent and caring individuals, I find them to be nothing but snake oil salesmen. If I can prevent just one parent from following their advice on not getting vaccinated, and if I can save one child from the devastating effects from a vaccine preventable disease, I consider that a major success. You see Russ, despite what you believe, adjustments do nothing for the immune system. Time and time again, I have given you and them an opportunity to prove me wrong and you both declined the challenge. These ongoing exchanges between us Russ, are starting to play out like an old vaudeville act, with you playing the role of my dim witted assistant, a role, ahem, you play quite admirable. You attempt to rile up the crowd with insane rants, only to be put in your place with a few well thought out facts. Only I don't think you are acting.
Finally , if you consider yourself one of the "chiropractic warriors" , I am more convinced than ever that I am on the right side of this argument.

Mirno Pasquali PA -C