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Ed Engler is a fair man & the right man to be next Laconia mayor

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To The Daily Sun,

Today will be the last opportunity to read about the election next Tuesday as The Sun does not print on Mondays, something I miss more than I can say. Hopefully, the voters will spend some serious time this weekend thinking about the candidates in their ward and in particular, the candidates for Mayor of Laconia.
Laconia is on the brink of redefining itself and time is running out. The need to define what we want to be and how we will get there is still out there and there are many different ideas and proposals out there but there is also a lack of consensus.
We need a strong mayor and City Council to involve itself in the process and that will take the leadership of a mayor with the experience and knowledge of the demographics of the city that will result in positive results.
Ed Engler recently said "...we as a community have to decide what we want downtown to be". Whatever the course we take, it must be what the people of Laconia want.
Mr. Engler is living proof of success. He came to Laconia and founded this little paper for free and it grew to a circulation of 18,000 from 2,000 when it first started up. Along with that was a huge increase in advertising and circulation stretching out to the entire Lakes Region. He also involved himself in his community serving on many boards and serving as a director of the Belknap Economic Development Council. He is involved with many projects and has personally contributed to many projects that benefit Laconia.
Fairness is another quality, often not mentioned, but as editor and publisher of the paper it is within his province to not publish things that might be of an opposing point of view to his own, but every article is printed, no matter which side it represents.
Leadership, successful businessman, booster of Laconia, fairness. Ed Engler.

Councilor Brenda Baer

Ward 4 - Laconia