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Wind farms declare themselves 'wanted' in spite of what we say

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To The Daily Sun,

New Hampshire's electricity prices are ranked 5th highest in the country. Expect the average monthly electricity bill to noticeably rise with the addition of wind farms in this state.

New Hampshire's Energy Board will soon point to a number of reasons for the increasing cost of electricity. It will most likely be labeled as a grid upgrade not directed at wind farms. New Hampshire would easily bump New York — from fourth to fifth place.

Additional wind farms, transmission lines, substations combined with other grid upgrades — will surely put us into third or fourth place in less than five years. Another significant factor, that will drive up our monthly electrical bill, is the variation between previous estimates and actual costs.

As N.H. electrical consumers, we will not use the electricity from these wind farms. The generated power is being shipped to southern states. These southern states are benefiting from us in more ways than one. Shouldn't southern states be held accountable for all of the decommissioning costs — if approved? Why aren't we talking about this?

They shouldn't be able to have their cake and eat it too, right? After all — southern states are the ones demanding the power and they are the ones outsourcing their green credits through N.H. land. N.H. is already a net exporter of electricity — meaning we already produce more electricity than we consume. Why aren't they developing their land first?

So much for engagement with communities. So much for a town hall meeting — it's become a dictatorship. We have declared our towns "NOT WILLING HOSTS" to wind farms. Yet they declare and promote themselves as being wanted by our community.

On November 5th at 6 p.m. — come to the Alexandria Town Hall and listen for yourself. Iberdrola will lay out their plans for our community. I believe it would be a great learning point for many to see first hand what is unfolding here. You've all seen the inside of a town hall — just come, listen and educate yourself.

This is not who or what we want leading us. Please attend...

Ray Cunningham