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I'm once again voting for Armand Bolduc's long record of service

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To The Daily Sun,
On the Ward 6 election: Tony Felch's recent statement in an article recognizing his opponent Armand Bolduc's "name recognition" advantage certainly struck home to me.
I've known Armand for most of my 20+ years as a Laconia resident. I am also familiar with the many accomplishments of the Bolduc family that arise out of their dedicated commitment to community and country. Tony sure is right; Armand and the whole Bolduc family are well known to us Laconians. Well known for their philosophy and practice of service as a way of life.
There is no doubt that our city is a far better place to work and live because of the efforts of the Bolduc family and Armand in particular. We are very fortunate to have such a fine man on our City Council, one with so much experience with and knowledge of our city and its government. I've seen an action packed 20 years of Laconia history, a period during which we all could all count on Armand's wisdom and his voice of reason.

Having heard Tony Felch's campaign slogan "time for a change" I was interested in hearing just what that means at the candidate's night forum held at Weirs Beach last week. It was good to have the opportunity to meet all of the candidates, Tony Felch among them. Tony seems to be a nice fellow and I applaud his willingness to serve.
As the evening progressed though, I kept waiting to hear what the Ward 6 challenger would change and how he would do it. I'm still waiting.
Ward 6 is facing a choice between the tried and true and the shiny and new. On the one hand we have Armand and his long record of service and accomplishment, on the other an unproven new face with an unknown agenda.
I am urging my friends in Ward 6 to get out and vote for Armand Bolduc for City Council. His service and accomplishments are second to none; a victory for Armand is a victory for us all.

Joe Driscoll
Weirs Beach