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Pay-As-You-Throw is not dead & Tom Tardif will vote against it

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To The Daily Sun,

Bob Hamel is running for the Ward 5 Laconia City Council seat for a 5th 2-year term against former Mayor Tom Tardif. Hamel doesn't believe his constituents know what they are talking about. At the Laconia City Council Meeting on April 24, 2013 for recycling options, "Councilor Hamel stated that in looking at all the letters he would have to say that 70 percent were misrepresented by not having the facts about what the PAYT program actually is. If you read the letters most of them are emotional and that is understandable but the facts that people believe are how the program works are wrong and that is a problem. Councilor Hamel has read the comments closely and the people are misguided." Yet Laconia Mayor Mike Seymour did listen to the voters who elected him. From The Laconia Daily Sun on April 23, 2013, "Conflicted Mayor says pay-as-you-throw right way to go but most Laconians don't want it Seymour estimated that approximately 80-percent of some 300 comments he has received expressed opposition to PAYT."

At the Weirs Action Committee Laconia City Council Debate on October 25, Moderator Neil Young started the debate off by asking who supported Pay-As-You-Throw versus Mandatory Recycling. The Citizen reported, Ward 5 City Councilor Bob Hamel, "added that right now, Pay-As-You-Throw is a thing of the past, as the mandatory recycling trial period has been a success at about 25 percent of the community recycling." The motion made at a special meeting for Pay-As-You-Throw on April 24, 2013: "Councilor Baer made a motion to adopt Option #3, Mandatory Recycling for a six month trial period. Seconded by Councilor Doyle." The motion made by Councilor Baer is for a period from July 1st to December 31, 2013." Pay-As-You-Throw is not a thing of the past. PAYT will come up for a vote again after December 31st.

PAYT is a regressive tax. Blacks Law: "A tax levied at rates which increase less rapidly than the increase of the tax base, thus bearing more heavily on the poorer taxpayers." At the April 24th meeting, I asked what the savings in property tax per thousand would be if PAYT was implemented? City Manager Myers replied, "that a ball park number would be $.25 to $.27 per thousand." This a regressive tax, the more your property is worth the higher your savings, renters will see no savings just a tax of $2 for every 10 cent garbage bag. That's a $1.90 tax on every garbage you buy.

Vote for Tom Tardif Ward 5 City Councilor. He will listen to the Laconia voters and vote against PAYT

David Gammon