He's willing to go to some lengths to avoid being called a scoundrel

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To The Daily Sun,

On Thursday, Ms./Mr. Siden wrote: "I was very disappointed last week to read a letter from Mr. Jones in which he uses veterans as a pawn in the political chess game that we've been witnessing in Washington."

On Friday, I wrote: "In Thursday's Daily Sun, L.J. Siden wrote that Bob Jones was using veterans as 'pawns' in his criticism of Representatives Shea-Porter and Kuster."

On Saturday, Ms./Mr. Siden wrote that in my Friday letter, I paraphrased his comment: ". . . into something I didn't say."

Also on Saturday, Professor Maloof jumped in to offer a few comments: "To accuse half of the N.H. congressional delegation of 'using veterans' as pawns is despicable and is typical of right-wing thinking." The professor then goes on to tell us that "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."

First to Siden. I really do thank him for his or her service but, as the quotes above show, I did not misrepresent what he or she said. However, I do thank him for his apology to Corpsman Jones

As to Professor Maloof, you once again get hoist on your own petard as you too, insult Corpsman Bob Jones with your comment. As to your patriotism comment, it sounds like you are willing to go to some lengths to avoid being called a scoundrel.

Bob Meade