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I'm still waiting for one specific example of a Fox News lie

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To The Daily Sun,

Another day and Obama's much criticized ACA sign-up boondoggle shows no signs of improvement. Young folks would post lol (laughing out loud) if they we not so embarrassed by voting for the incompetent community organizer. Funny how they keep saying those of us who didn't vote for the man are racist while they voted for him exactly for the color of his skin, imo (in my opinion). After all he had zero accomplishments to his record. It might have been different if he had signed aboard some competent help but his crew consists of equally deficient talent or more so. You know it's bad when even the unions are screaming their discontent. Still nothing moves the man, he has a plan and he's sticking to it no matter how many other people it hurts. It's for the greater good of socialism you know, we must copy the European models even while the Europeans are working to get out from under those models. I read they are having some success too. There approach is for austerity and raising taxes. Conservatives here are pilloried by the left because we want austerity without raising taxes. The left's true disciples call us villains and liars because we want smaller efficient government with lass waist and corruption, what extreme positions.
I see alias L.J. Siden is much disturbed that I wrote that no L.J. Siden exists, based on reliable information. Does L.J. deny he is using an alias? He says he has addressed my accusation that the left uses lies and misinformation, while true he has not attacked my person, I still must wonder why the alias? Now about the "birthers". Obama has only himself to blame for that because he used fraud to get into the collages he attended by claiming to be a foreign student, traveled on a foreign passport and generally lied his way through. Nuf said!
I'd still invite any liberal to give readers an example of a lie told by Fox News. It's one of their favorite smears but as yet, after years, I have heard none. They run for cover when challenged saying things like "it's all lies" or "I don't have the time now". And how about the one where they claim the Tea Party are all racists, but have yet to show any evidence of any extensive racism among members. Plenty of examples of lies on NBC, CNN and such though. Maybe they just get confused by all those initials.
Steve Earle