Everything was great about my stay except for the lack of recycling

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To The Daily Sun,

On September 23 I entered LRGH and had my right hip replaced. The procedure went well. I was so pleased with all of the nurses, aides and therapists. They had such a great attitude which made my stay very pleasant.

On September 26 I was transferred to Golden View Retreat in Meredith for rehab. I had a private room which was very home like. There were a number of choices on the menu and everything was delicious. I had therapy twice a day. I was very impressed by the nurses, aid and therapists and everyone else I came in contact with. I recommend Golden View for anyone that needs rehab.

There was one thing that disturbed me, and that was the need for recycling. A great many items that were recyclable went into the trash.

Carole F. Veer