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Talk about condemning an entire class of people, with no exceptions

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To The Daily Sun,

I had to laugh out loud at the hypocrisy of the lady who, in your October 22 edition, bemoaned the idea that people condemn everyone who receives public assistance in any way as taking advantage of the system, yet in the same letter demonizes all of the so called one percent of "Uber Rich" as she characterizes them as follows — "The one percent of the wealthy want to keep all of what they have without caring about or feeling any brotherly concern or responsibility for others who are less fortunate than them."

Talk about condemning an entire class of people with no exception! Hasn't she ever heard of people like Bill and Melissa Gates or Warren Buffet, to name a few of the top of head, who have voluntarily given millions if not billions of their personal fortunes to many worthy causes?

You can't have it both ways. People needed public assistance are not all leches any more than all so called "Uber Rich" are not unfeeling, selfish tightwads.

Richard Purington