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Do parents have right as to what moral teachings reach their kids?

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To The Daily Sun,

Jesus, talking to the Jews, speaking to them about knowing Him said, "You will know the truth and the truth shall make you free." In saying this Jesus reveals a spiritual truth that permeates all human endeavor. You can see it in operation at every level of enterprise in human history. Our founding fathers seemed to have good grasp of that as it seems did our nation well into the nineteenth century.
The relationship between the reformation and the enlightenment is direct, as is the relationship between the truth of the Scriptures being seen as central and acceptable truth and American liberty. The truth of the Scriptures is true it happened that way, it is that way, and it will be that way. You can shake it can run up against it and ram it, try to blow it up with hand grenades, nuke it, argue against it, it does doesn't matter; it is true, it will stand. Consequently it is the foundation of liberty, for an honestly seeking humanity given liberty to examine our universe freely will find it to be true because it is. This is not true of any other philosophy trying to occupy that foundational position. For as much as a philosophy is less than true it must restrict investigation in order to hold it's place. Otherwise it would be found to be untrue and lose its hold on our society.

I could go on for pages about this but I won't, for my purpose is to draw attention to a case being brought before the N.H. Supreme Court which embodies this principle with all the twists and turns that a cast of corrupt players through the decades could manipulate. This case, this law, though it must seem obscure to many, is probably the most important case to go before the N.H. Supreme Court in decades perhaps a century. The court case is Duncan v The State of New Hampshire. The law is the state's education tax credit program.
What is at stake here is the very essence of our liberty as a people. Do parents have a right of conscience as to what moral teaching their children are subject to for over 1,000 hours a year, or constitutionally must they submit this most important life decision to the society in which they live if their income does not allow them meet the expediencies of raising a family and then paying double for their children's education as well. Or can our state government fashion a law that helps to provide relief for these within the bounds of our state Constitution.
If God and the publisher are willing, I will attempt to make these things clear in future submissions, as it takes several months for a case to go through the court process and the people of our state ought to know just what has transpired and what is at stake.

John Demakowski