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Think about Siden's message & stop obsessing about identity

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To The Daily Sun,

What is it about some of the people who live in the Lakes Region that make them want to shoot the messenger all the time? Is the lake that polluted that it's beginning to affect their thinking? I realize that shooting the messenger is a time-honored response to unwelcome news but it is not a very effective way of remaining well-informed.

Case in point is the "mysterious" L.J.Siden. If the right-wing Republicans would spend more time reading the message instead of obsessing about his identity they definitely would be better informed. But that would require a smidgen of tolerance and open-mindedness that seems to be lacking in a few 'lake people' tea partiers. I read L.J. Siden's post about veterans last week and I don't think he owes anyone an apology. I think the person who requested the apology, and I'm not mentioning any names, but sometimes his picture appears next to his posts, loves to bathe himself in the flag. For his penance he needs to repeat 100 times: "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel".
To accuse half of the N.H. congressional delegation of "using veterans" as pawns is despicable and is typical of right-wing thinking. L.J.Siden is a voice crying in the wilderness. He upsets a lot of the loons nesting on or around the lake. I wonder how Tea Partiers, who often cite Jesus in their ideology, would behave if they ever suspected that Jesus was merely a man. Come to think of it, I'm beginning to wonder how any Christian would behave if they suspected the same thing. Would the message of love lose some of its potency if it had come from let's say a gay man? A little less thumping and a bit more reading of the bible would be in order here.
Francois Marie d'Arouet also used a "pen" name and one can fill multiple libraries about this product of the "Enlightment Period" — a period that obviously by passed certain areas of the Lakes Region. So Mr. Mystery man. Keep up the good work. I, along with many others love reading your messages and we don't care who you are.

George Maloof


(Editor's note: The Daily Sun does not knowingly allow anyone to write letters to the editor over a "pen" name. We also do not hire private detectives. We tend to take people at their word until given a darn good reason not to.)