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Citizen story was poorly written and pathologically unkind

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To The Daily Sun,
I am sending this letter to The Laconia Daily Sun because I will never buy a Laconia Citizen again after reading their paper today (Thursday) about the tragic death of a local physician.
This morning, the Laconia Citizen did two useful things. First, the article on the front page made me feel something other than sorrow; it filled me with a clean, bright anger. Second, and most appropriately, I used it to start my wood stove, only because I have enough toilet paper in the house.
In the spirit of full disclosure, I am an emergency registered nurse and a nurse practitioner student about to graduate. I am writing this letter in order to explain my working diagnosis of a terminal illness in your newspaper: malice.
Krista Marrs, news editor, your running the story about Dr. Andrew Kane on the front and second pages, directly next to his obituary, was insensitive at best. Bea Lewis expounding on the details was sensationalist, unnecessary and cruel — more fitting to a tabloid than a community newspaper. Rather than illustrating the countless amazing qualities of a physician who dedicated his life to the health and welfare of this community, you drivel on about a solitary legal case dismissed years ago. He was a man who practiced excellent medicine, often throughout the wee hours of the night, saving lives and curing ills while you and your reporter drooled on your pillows. If he didn't take care of either of you, I guarantee he took care of someone you knew. How dare you diminish the good this man did in his too-short life by focusing on the end?
Drew Kane adored his family and spoke of them constantly. He was gentle and generous; quick with dark chocolate or an encouraging word. He was energetic and empathetic, smart and unassuming. He was an outstanding friend and mentor to nursing and EMS alike, and never had an unkind word to say about anyone.
Trust me; no one will ever say these things about either of you.
The story was not only poorly written, it was pathologically unkind. Bea Lewis shows a remarkable lack of humanity and empathy. In the medical world, this is considered a psychological disorder requiring medication and therapy. I strongly suggest that Krista and Bea seek immediate treatment for this disturbing malady.
Know that if you do, the staff at LRGHealthcare will treat you both like everyone else, and like Dr. Kane would have: with kindness, respect and discretion.
Unlike you, they are dedicated professionals who care for the people of the community individually and as a whole.
I would also recommend that your newspaper hire a new editor who is immunized against the type of petty malice that harms the community you are supposed to serve.

Carolyn Brown, RN CEN SNP