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You voted twice for Obama? You must like inflicting pain on others

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To The Daily Sun,

June M. Huot relayed her comments regarding the use of caps in letters. Her second concern, some letters appear personal attacks that sicken her.

No kind person one wants another to be ill so I suggest something to June that seems beyond obvious. STOP reading letters to the editor that have CAPS in them and those that do not French-kiss Obama. Remember, NO ONE LEARNS a thing from those WHO AGREE WITH THEM. It is only opposing thought that might open a closed mind.

June seems to brag that she voted TWICE for Obama. That is like saying I enjoyed my first case of hemorrhoids so much, I wanted then again. June seems to love PAIN inflicted on others. Her great love, Obama, is the man who has created and presided over record poverty, record welfare, record debt, record deficits, record paralysis in government, bankrupt entitlement programs as far as the eye can see and an electorate as divided and intolerant of each other as anytime in modern history. GREAT VOTE JUNE. It shows your lack of feelings for those suffering dreadfully from an OBAMA ECONOMY that has yet to escape STALL SPEED for five YEARS. June, are you able to recognize the ECONOMIC harm Obama's policies have caused to so many millions or is it simply over your head? We should thank you, for your vote is the height of hypocrisy and trivializes the pain of those still SUFFERING from the absolute failed presidential leadership of Obama.
Letters to the editor are are OPEN FRONTIER where any one can say what they want. Where Ed Engler prints it except for a few, select four letter words. I attack no one personally. What I attack is someone's views. I do it with sincerity and honesty. Sometimes I use satire to highlight the argument to make it more interesting. I have to use their name so people know who I am responding to. Using someone's name does not make it personal IN ANY WAY. IF someone sees it that way, they best STOP writing letters in a PUBLIC FORUM. I wrote numerous letters to the Sun savagely attacking the socialist views of Leo Sandy. Surprise? Leo SANDY and I are are GOOD FRIENDS. We share lunch together gregariously and frequently. Ditto for Ed Allard, a cog of the Democratic Party. I have lunched with Ed numerous times. I enjoy the company of both men. They learn from me, I learn from them. When Leo writes to a PUBLIC FORUM he is FAIR GAME to have his views CHALLENGED with the strongest LOGIC and language possible. Why? Because Leo is trying to INFLUENCE PUBLIC OPINION. IT is MY OBLIGATION as a concerned, well-read, well-resumed and informed citizen to question and challenge his ideas or any ones ideas that I believe are MERITLESS and or HARMFUL by my measure. I always do it with facts and reasoning. MY logic becomes "fair game" for others to challenge. What I have found is MOST people who write to The SUN do not want a spirited debate with facts and logic on anything. MOST ESPECIALLY OBAMACARE. They just want to PREACH and DEMONIZE the RICH from the SOCIALIST GOSPEL, using The SUN as their pulpit. My question. Where has that gotten us I ask? Answer, record FAILURE by EVERY MEASURE. Do those failed results change their message. NOPE, THEY ONLY GET LOUDER and more ANGRY at those who succeed.

Here is my offer to the donkeys. When they repeal Obamacare, agree to balance the budget, stop spending more than is taken in from tax revenue and address the trillions of underfunding for Medicare and Social Security I will stop capitalizing and attacking the absolute INSANITY of their thinking. The odds of that happening are slim when you consider the I.Q. of these folks is to vote for more hemorrhoids when given an alternative.
Tony Boutin