Hillary would not get us out of this; we need a Pres. Barry Sanders

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To The Daily Sun,

While criticism of our drones use in Pakistan makes the news, I'm sending postcards to both Obamas: "Our USA in perpetual war and thus 'preferring' drones-murder in other countries is suffering illness. We drag others into our illness. It's ill to support war-machinery industry over all other kinds of production. Hillary would not get us out of this, nor would Kerry or Biden. We need a Pres. Bernie Sanders or a Pres. Dennis Kucinich. Each has integrity, cause-and-effect awareness, kindness. Not happening in D.C. at this time."

When Dr. Helen Caldicott speaks to N.H. Peace Action audience on Nov. 9th evening in Concord, I hope we hear support for our USA getting past and surviving its illness that makes warring our dominant, outreach lifestyle.

Lynn Rudmin Chong