Democrats & Republicans don't have the answer; turn to God

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To The Daily Sun,

James Veverka insults good fellow Americans and if you read his poppycock (rubbish-nonsense) letters, you will see how nasty a person he is at this time in his life. He is very offensive, never able to point us in the right direction. I feel sorry for him; he stands for what is wrong and upholds everything that has brought our nation to the brink of destruction. It's terrible to insult so many people James, but worse still insulting that which is holy. 90 of Americans are people of faith and declare "In God we Trust".

James, it's not Obamacare we need, our want, it's Gods care we trust in and all people of faith from the Pope, to Billy Graham, preach Jesus Christ as our savior. Don't insult them, you or I could not stand in their shadow. I am going to tell you James, except we repent of our national sins, America will fall, just like the old Roman empire did.

A national revival can restore us, and save our nation. The Democrats and Republicans don't have the answers, God does, our nation was always at its greatest when we turned to God and repented, try it James, it works.

By the way James, its not so-called holy water that makes us clean, but the precious blood of Jesus Christ. James, get a new life, ask Jesus to save you and then your letters will be love letters, to a loving God. Read 1 John 1:7. You will be a new man, and the people of Tilton will rejoice with you.

William (Liam) McCoy