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Thanks for community involvement in Laconia High homecoming

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To The Daily Sun,

Dear Community of Laconia:

The Laconia High School Community wishes to thank you for your support and involvement throughout the recent Homecoming Weekend. We could not be more happy and appreciative of the many community members and agencies that chose to participate with us in celebrating our school, our alumni and our great city! It was wonderful to see so many people come out for the parade, our open house, our athletic events and the outstanding alumni activities set up by Ms. Brough. The Homecoming weekend truly demonstrates so many of the positives that this community has for those who have grown up here.

We would like to thank Warren Mitchell and the many alumni who drove or rode along in the antique cars in the parade. We also thank those who provided us with convertibles for our Homecoming Court and those who were willing to allow us the usage of trailers for the class floats. Your efforts helped make our parade a big hit this year!!!

We would also like to thank the folks at CBH Landscaping, our local Vista and Petal Pushers for providing us with the beautiful fall themed flowers and plants. They certainly made our entrances look spectacular and welcoming to parents, alumni, students and staff throughout the entire weekend! Finally, thanks to our local Lakes Regions Party and Gifts for the balloons, Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation for their support and Lakes Region Floral Studio for the beautiful floral arrangement in the cafe. These all contributed to create a festive environment for the alumni celebration. Once again, our community excels whenever it comes together to celebrate its history and legacy and that is represented by the people who have grown up in the great city of Laconia!

Jim McCollum, Principal
Laconia High School