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Your health care is now in hands of people who can't balance budget

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To The Daily Sun,

Dick Devens, Jon Hoyt, Kate Miller, James Veverka, Ed Allard, and other radical leftists who believe politicians should control how you live and spend your hard earned money are rejoicing. The "adults", President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, other elected Democrats and Republicans who forgot their campaign promises, have "won" and can force Obamacare down our throats.
But not everyone has to comply with Obamacare. President Obama exempts groups, like Congress, when it is politically expedient. Big business is exempted to delay the massive layoffs and/or losses of employee health insurance that get nation-wide publicity.
Senators Cruz and Lee, the "wacko birds", and conservative House Republicans were unsuccessful in saving Americans from Obamacare.
Did you, a family member, or friend lose your/their health insurance? Did premiums increase? Have you lost access to, or insurance for, your doctor or hospital? Thank the adults!
Have your work hours, or those of a family member or friend been cut below 30 hours to avoid Obamacare requirements? Has anyone lost a job? Thank the adults!
Have you wasted hours unsuccessfully trying to sign-up on the Obamcare exchange? Millions of people can thank the adults!
Did you enjoy giving so much personal information to "navigators" knowing that some aren't fully trained and some have criminal histories? Are you concerned that your personal information will be in a government database, accessible by many thousands of people, and very susceptible to public disclosure, identity theft, or misuse? Thank the adults!
Obamacare costs three times what was promised. It will raise, not lower, health care costs. We will pay for Obamacare in higher taxes, in poorer quality care, or both. Thank the adults!
Obamacare taxes and regulations are eliminating low value medical services, drugs, and devices and reducing investments to create new treatments that you might need sometime. Thank the adults!
Your health care is now in the hands of the adults who can't balance the budget, who won't stop $125 billion in fraud and waste annually, who created our $17+ trillion national debt, who promised $90 trillion more future benefits than they funded, and let 11 million illegal aliens roam our country, victimizing Americans, increasing our taxes, and harming American workers by taking scarce jobs and depressing wages.
Considering the record of the "adults", our country would be better off in the hands of the "wacko birds" and others who oppose what the "adults" have been doing.
Don Ewing