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How about the 6.4 million children diagnosed with A.D.H.D.?

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To The Daily Sun,

To express concern as to our nation's need for the Navy we have — saying it isn't needed is really far out, such expression actually lends a bit of humor to the days thought on reading it. No humor is found in the letter published October 11 of G. Maloof, "With all due respect for the victims of 9/11, fewer than five hundred Americans have been killed by terrorism in the past 40 years." Can this person even count or read; perhaps he was on that another planet for a time or toeing that edge referenced by our old friend Sandy. Total number killed in 9/11 terrorist attack 2,996 — add to that the +/- 500 and others not tallied.
But he finds them to be incidental, it is the number of diseases (he doesn't mention deaths) "suspected" to be caused by genetically modified organisms (GMO's) from the U.S. corporation Monsanto/DuPont. Surprise is the one thing he has to endure as Monsanto isn't the only entity in the business and food isn't the only object of GMO. (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/21/business/whats-that-smell-exotic-scents-made-from-re-engineered-yeast.html?hp) This article may drive him to a cave somewhere, as the realization that there is a world of nations moving the alteration of sourcing our needs and desires (aromas & tastes et-al).

Additionally, one might consider that the Russians are in a fast forward mode to cover the planet with nuclear power plants (remember Chernobyl). While the leftist anti-nuke groups effectively ended the nuclear power industry in the U.S., the rest of the world was unaffected by the "chicken little" stance.
He might also consider the 6.4 million children given the diagnoses of A.D.H.D, which it has been found erroneous. (Ref:
http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/20/magazine/the-not-so-hidden-cause-behind-the-adhd-epidemic.html?ref=magazine&pagewanted=print) "Today many sociologists and neuroscientists believe that regardless of A.D.H.D.'s biological basis, the explosion in rates of diagnosis is caused by sociological factors — especially ones related to education and the changing expectations we have for kids."

Drugging this many of our school age children all for the sake of better test scores, federal aid, and less work for the educational establishment, I would consider to be of far greater importance than GMOs or terrorists.
Another article may awaken the fallacy of Obama's Common Core Education Standards and the Kennedy/Bush No Child Left Behind Program. (http://www.wired.com/business/2013/10/free-thinkers/)
To those whom see themselves standing at the leading edge of thought, think again. There is a revolution in the works which is far ahead of any one or group. Back in the late 40s, one man's machine freed the cotton fields of manual labors, the cotton picking machine was responsible for the migration of tens of thousands of them finding jobs in the north and a life inconceivable to them.
Bar-code readers and computers changing the food distribution system and the labor and energy required, all without government.
To the Maloofs, there is a world out there which you can't control, you might focus on how to not let it control you.

G.W. Brooks