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We have pursued failed education policies for years; nothing changes

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To The Daily Sun,

As public schools continue to present games as the premiere event of the school year — and at the same time completely ignore scholastic achievements, it gives further credence to the fact that we are well behind most industrial countries in educational standards (while the system we support reeks of failure.) Consider this: the average newspaper has three pages of game results, none (zero) of academics. Day after day, not one newspaper article tells of what's happening in the classrooms! Is it school policy to deliberately withhold vital information about percentile grades and overall progress, or lack of it? When 75 percent of students state-wide are failing at math, all attention focuses on winning the games played. But, win or lose, they are irrelevant to a student's success in school.\

We, as a society, let this failure continue, as this country slides into mediocrity and fewer and fewer graduating seniors who move on to college have the skills to compete for jobs in a world marketplace. And too many students are ill-prepared for secondary education without remedial courses. Yet the beat goes on! We have pursued failed policies for years — and nothing changes. Society, as we know may disappear in the next decade or two.
It says in the Good Book: "The meek shall inherit the earth!" Maybe that will happen!

Leon R. Albushies